Fringilla coelebs


Chaffinches are found in a variety of habitats within the UK. The will reside in areas of woodland, fields, hedgerows and parkland. They tend not to be found on higher ground or some remote areas of Scotland. Chaffinches will choose more open areas of land in the autumn and winter.


Chaffinches usually feed on insects, seeds and fruit. They will favour caterpillars and will choose insect larvae for their chicks in the breeding season. Sunflower seeds are a popular choice.


Chaffinches will choose a fork in a tree or a shrubby area to make their nests. They will use moss, grass and feathers as nesting material which is bound with spiders’ webs.


‘Fink-fink’- Their call is a short, metallic sound, often repeated and is a very common call to hear.

Beneficial Management

  • Allow hedges to flower and set fruit for overwintering adults.
  • Consider rotational cutting (once every two/three years where possible) and allow some hedge lines to develop into tall (over 3 metres), dense features to increase nesting opportunities.
  • Aim to establish grass margins for both insects and seed, for ideal foraging areas and habitat.
  • Planting a wild bird seed mix will provide an excellent feeding ground.

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