Do I have to be a GWCT member or donate to the GWCT to take part?

No. The BFBC is open to anyone and is free to take part. All you need to do is spend 30 minutes between 4th and 20th February 2022 counting the birds you see in one part of your farm.

Can more than one person take part on a farm?

Yes. Either multiple people can complete a single count for one location, or multiple people can split up and undertake their own counts on different parts of the farm. This option would give us a better picture of what bird populations are like across a landscape.

When is the ideal time to take part in the BFBC?

Morning is the ideal time to undertake a count, but any time of day is fine. Aim for a fine, dry day without too much strong wind, or find a sheltered spot next to a hedgerow for instance.

Can I take part in the BFBC more than once?

Yes! You can complete multiple counts in different locations on your farm, or across different farms that form part of an estate.

Why is the BFBC only open for counting between certain dates?

The BFBC provides a snapshot in time of of farmland birds are doing in the UK during that count period. We hold the count at a similar time each year so results from previous years are easy to compare.

Why is the BFBC undertaken in winter?

Birds are often easier to spot in winter as foliage on trees and hedgerows has died back, and birds often congregate around feeders or on winter stubbles which makes them easier to spot.

Will the weather affect the birds I see?

Yes. Driving rain and strong winds are not good bird counting weather, so you should aim for a calm day that you are happy to sit out for 30 minutes in. We run the count for three weeks so that everyone across the country will hopefully have a good weather window to undertake the count.

How do I find out more ID information and guides?

You can find more information about farmland bird ID and help to undertake the count here.

When do I need to send you my results?

Please submit your results online on or before the 20th February. Alternatively, if you prefer to post your results, you can print and complete the count form and send it to: Amber Lole, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Burgate Manor, Fordingbridge, SP6 1EF. Please leave enough time to ensure your postal results arrive by Monday 28th February.

Can I send my results by post instead?

The easiest way to tell us what you saw is by adding your results online. This helps us to reduce our costs – and it saves postage and paper. However, if you prefer to post us your results, you can print and complete the online form to reach us by 28th February. Please take a look at the guide before printing, as it may be that you don’t need to print it all.

The bird I saw isn’t included in the list on the results form.

Unfortunately, we do have limited space on the paper form, however, there is space to note down any additional birds you might see, and the options available are more extensive if you choose to input your results online.

Trouble logging in?

If you submitted your BFBC results online last year, but can’t remember your username or password, please follow the instructions on screen to re-set. Alternatively, please email for further help.